Grief Recovery Northwest

" Support and training for times of difficulty"Struggling personally to cope with a loss or supporting children and young people through one? We can help.


grief is normal

After 25 years in Primary education supporting children and young people and 11 years of working as a trainer and University Lecturer on Early Years, school and Youth Work based programmes, we believe we know the area of education well. We constantly hear professionals looking for low cost and relevant CPD (Continuous Professional Development) to enhance their qualifications and employability and we are of the opinion that our courses are exactly what you are looking for.

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It is our understanding that there is very little training available in the field of social and emotional wellbeing and positive mental health to support those who work with children and young people, on a daily basis. We have supported many children with behavioural and emotional difficulties and have always wished we could do more to support them. Many children are affected by ‘loss’ issues every day and we are extremely pleased to now be able to offer parents and practitioners the opportunity to enhance a child’s life with the use of this fabulous communication tool. This is used as a means of allowing them to identify, understand and move forward with the issues that are causing them sadness and sometimes pain – read more on the ‘Helping Children’ page.

Grievers are not broken

For adults or older teenagers, we are also pleased to offer the ‘Support Programme’; on this course people will identify losses in their own life, then acquire the tools to allow them to deal with that loss (or losses) that are causing them pain. The course will show them how to take the necessary actions, through easy to follow steps, allowing them to understand and then ‘let go’ of the pain attached to that feeling – read more on the ‘Adult Support’ page.