Grief Recovery Northwest

" Support and training for times of difficulty"Struggling personally to cope with a loss or supporting children and young people through one? We can help.

This unique and affordable training, which is part of the ‘The Grief Recovery Method’, has been specially written for parents and those who work with children and young people. It will allow you to support them through a difficult time, giving you the tools you need to feel that you can support them appropriately. Many people who work with children say that they 'don't know what to say' or are 'scared of saying the wrong thing' when a child discloses a bereavement or loss. For a child, losing a pet can be more devastating than losing a grandparent so it's vital that we know what to say and when to say it. This training will also help you to support a child who is experiencing parental divorce or moving house, all are losses in their own right.

A 'Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®' delivers the programme and it is recognised by dozens of professional bodies around the world and in the UK. It is also endorsed by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and by the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA).

When working with grieving children and young people there are many things you can do to help. As grief is such a misunderstood and little talked about topic it may be easier to start by saying what the Grief Recovery Method isn't:

  • It's not counselling
  • It's not therapy
  • It's not an alternative treatment

Please look at the 'Course Dates' page to see when the local trainings are available and contact us so we can book you a place. Our courses are cost effective and popular so book now to avoid delay.

Testimonial - To have somebody in the setting who has been on a 'Helping Children Deal with Loss' course can only be of huge benefit, as that person can be accessed immediately as and when needed. Having someone to talk to without a delay can be of great comfort to young people, as some settings may have to call somebody into the setting and this may take time to organise Teaching Assistant

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These programmes have been developed to support schools and Early Years settings to implement the training delivered on the ‘Helping Children’ course. The specialist trainer will work with the setting to identify their needs and look at how best to support their children. These projects would be introduced through a whole setting training day, to ensure all staff were aware of their role and how they could improve the positive mental health of all their children. At this time a school would use an assembly to introduce the project to the children. The Early Years settings will utilise music and movement sessions to encourage the children and parents to communicate and bond more positively, followed by informal chat sessions to identify and discuss issues.
After this the specialist will work with the setting to implement practical events during the day/week and support the staff to embed them within everyday practice. This will be followed, after a short period of time, by a final support visit to the setting to ensure that the staff are confident with the changes implemented, and a further assembly will be delivered if necessary.