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We are inspired every day by the commitment and tenacity of those who support children and young people in schools or in extracurricular enrichment centres. We also believe that in this area of the country the children involved are very often the 'forgotten' factor, needing specialist support to help them cope with their personal issues and raise attainment, achievement and aspiration. The courses we offer will give you the tools to support those who are coping with loss of any kind or as a parent/practitioner to support yourself through your own grief and losses.

Grief Recovery North West

We offer Certified Grief Recovery support (for adults) and training (for those who support children and young people) who are struggling to cope with grief and loss of any kind. This will enhance social and emotional wellbeing & encourage positive mental health. We would like to be the place that people feel able to contact as ‘first line’ support in times of difficulty and loss, whether for themselves, their children or children and young people they support.


I'll stop trying to fix hurts and pains with words, and practice becoming a better active listener, responding only when needs be.  I will be real and honest with my emotions, appropriately of course within a school setting, but I will never make a pupil think or feel that their emotional responses, to a loss or bereavement, aren't normal or should be stifled in any way to fit in with the 'stiff upper lip' mentality. Being able to complete helps us to deal with heartache created by loss which, in turn, allows us to move forward and embrace our new beginning - High School Learning Mentor

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These programmes have been developed to support schools and Early Years settings to implement the training delivered on the ‘Helping Children’ course. The specialist trainer will work with the setting to identify their needs and look at how best to support their children.


" Support and training for times of difficulty" Struggling personally to cope with a loss or supporting children and young people through one? We can help.


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